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pertaining to yesterday ([personal profile] hesternal) wrote2009-05-09 08:04 pm

I feel like such a dork. (Crosspost testing too)


Next year I need to remember to get there earlier, because the whole six hours it lasts is not long enough to visit all of them, let alone the 3.5 hours we had by the time we got to our first stop. Most of the special events were over by the time I got to my most-wanted-to-visit places, too. B-but I had delicious walnut chimney cake and wine that I DIDN'T GET CARDED FOR. The not getting carded thing kind of made my day, even though my mom was like "lol they're just taking advantage of the fact that they can't get arrested for it."

And then the first thing my mom's friend told me when I said I was going to the Polish Embassy was "IF THEY HAVE CHOCOLATE, DON'T EAT IT. POLISH CHOCOLATE IS DISGUSTING." So . . . I was a bit disappointed that there was no chocolate for me to prove her wrong with (because of course she was wrong, as there is no such thing as disgusting chocolate). But there were awesome paintings that were actually collages, which I cannot remember the name of the artist of, unfortunately. Must look around on the embassy's website later.

And next year I also need to not be so flaily and "I WILL SOUND LIKE A DORK /)_(\" about asking the guides and special guests questions.